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3602 Old Battleground Rd Greensboro NC 27410

But, We aren’t your typical stodgy, boring, focused ‘only on the bottom line’holding company. Why? Because we care about the companies we acquire, their people, the products and services they provide, the community, and the bottom line. We believe that if any of these are out of sync, then we aren’t doing well. And if we’re not doing well, we can’t “do good.” And if we can’t do good, then none of it really matters.

What do we mean by doing good? We mean making a positive economic impact within our community, whether it’s volunteering our time, serving on boards of nonprofits, or buying and rehabbing residential homes to improve the value and safety of a neighborhood. By focusing on what we do best – acquiring, transforming, and growing business and real estate investments – we create a positive outcome for everyone involved.

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