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Our Portfolio Companies

Have a mission of providing a positive impact on the communities we serve and to build
our team members both personally and professionally.

Real Estate Development

& Acquisition

We host a portfolio or value add properties both in the residential and commercial sector. Edge Water is a recipient of numerous community and historic preservation awards.

Small to Mid Size Manufacturing

We have veteran professionals qualified in ERN and SAS that 10x production and profitability.

Software Design & Block Chain Infrastructures

Our firm has the ability to create IP technology that provides additional value both in revenue and architectural assets within our mergers,

Real Estate Development & Acquisition

Our acquisitions and development team possess decades of hands-on experience, intimate local market knowledge and an extensive network of relationships with investment and real estate professionals, property owners and civic and community leaders. This depth of experience and expertise provides us with a competitive advantage in identifying and closing attractive investments both on- and off-market. We specialize in sourcing the transactions where operational improvements and asset repositioning can add value. Our in-house real estate strategy allows us to know an asset’s underlying value, often helping us identify and control investment opportunities before others, many times resulting in off-market transactions. 

Small to Mid Size Manufacturing

Catering to continuous growth industries of commercial signage and embroidery ESM (Edge Sign and Media is positioned as marketing subsidiary that not only serves to build brand awareness but also at a substantial discounted price.  Providing software that reduces process safety risks to deliver trusted data for decision-making and optimized profitability. Several years ago, our search team capitalized on the purchase of two acquisitions that continue to serve the Triad area and have substantially increased the brand awareness our or local business owners.

Software Design & Block Chain Infrastructures

In 2014 due to the ongoing demand of data analytics and measuring numerous business channels EWG acquired and grew it’s internal software division. To date our unity projects has have over 10m users with a 2M client retention model.

We specialize in creating an infrastructure in which our companies have a unified approach to make clear strategic decisions that not only help you predict the future but know it.