Edge Water Group

Thinking about selling your company?


We aren’t your typical stodgy, boring, focused ‘only on the bottom line’holding company. Why? Because we care about the companies we acquire, their people, the products and services they provide, the community, and the bottom line.

Strategic. Passionate. Committed. Problem solvers. These are the words others have used to describe us. But, we must admit, we think they’re pretty spot on.
At Edge Water Group, we know that strong communities are important to sustaining our portfolio of companies.
Doing good by doing well
Doing good means making a positive impact in the community. So, if we can’t continue doing good, then it doesn’t matter if we are doing well financially.
We're not about doing things better, we're about doing things differently. We:
  • Ensure the right fit
  • Overcome challenges
  • Make a positive impact
  • Do good by doing well
  • Matthew Thomas

    Founder, Managing Principal

    Best described as a consummate entrepreneur, Matthew has been creating, developing

  • Dennis Rookwood

    Vice President of Strategic Analytics

    Dennis Joined the Edgewater Group, Inc as Vice President

  • Laura McKnight, C.P.A.

    Financial Officer

    Laura McKnight brings over 10 years of accounting experience to

  • Carrie Tetreault

    Executive Assistant

    Carrie Tetreault brings over 15 years of accounting and management experience to

  • Dustin Chandler

    Project Manager

    As Edge Water Group’s project manager, Dustin Chandler is responsible for managing the