Edge Water Group’s investment criteria ensures we only acquire companies that are the right fit.

Although Edge Water Group invests in a variety of industries, the company itself is more important. We are problem solvers. We are transformers. And when we decide to add a new company to our portfolio, the right fit is critical. These are the types of questions we ask when we’re exploring a potential acquisition:

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    Is this the right fit – financially, culturally, operationally?

    At Edge Water Group, finances are just one piece of the puzzle. Acquisitions become part of the Edge Water Group family, and it’s important to us that it’s not just a good fit, but it’s the right fit.

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    Is the problem we need to solve something we can successfully address?

    We love a challenge. In fact, we live for a challenge. We don’t typically acquire companies operating at peak performance. We buy undervalued companies that can benefit from our expertise.

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    Can our established best practices and processes make a positive impact and transform this company?

    We have an iterative, repeatable set of processes and best practices that we implement with every company we add to our portfolio.

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    Can we do things differently to make a real difference for the company and the team?

    We don’t do things better. We do things differently. And that means we want to be able come in, make real, significant changes and turn things around.

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    Will this opportunity allow us to continue doing good by doing well?

    Doing good means making a positive impact in the community. So, if we can’t continue doing good, then it doesn’t matter if we are doing well financially.